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Badger Childhood Cancer Network appreciates the trust donors place in our organization when they contribute. We will not share, sell or trade donors’ personal or contact information with anyone else, nor will we send information or mailings on behalf of any other organization. Donors may request they not be solicited in the future and may request that they not receive our newsletter or any other information we may send out. We want donors to be confident that their trust in our work is valued, and know we respect their rights.

If you check the “Hide Donor Name” checkbox on the Badger Childhood Cancer Network Superhero Run Donation form, you will receive an automated acknowledgement of the donation from your honoree and from BCCN, but the honoree will not be informed that you made the donation.

If you do not choose to hide your name, we will display your name, the donation amount, and the honoree if specified on this site. In addition, the honoree will be able to see your e-mail address.

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