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Welcome to the Badger Childhood Cancer Superhero Run donation page.

The Badger Childhood Cancer Superhero Run is the major fundraising event of the year for Badger Childhood Cancer Network, an organization that provides information, emotional support and financial assistance to families of children treated for cancer and blood disorders in south-central Wisconsin.

You can donate to support the fundraising efforts of an individual or a team of runners and walkers.You can also donate directly to Badger Childhood Cancer Network without choosing an individual or team fundraiser.

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If you want to support a specific person’s fundraising, select that person’s name in the Individuals section below. If that person is part of a team, both the individual and the team will receive credit towards their fundraising goals. If the individual is not listed, type their name in the Honoree box below. (They may not have registered online.)

If you wish to support a team but no specific individual, skip the Individuals section and select the team you want to support.

If you want to donate to the fundraising efforts of more than one person or team, add one donation to your shopping cart at a time by filling out this form repeatedly.

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If you check this box, your donation will be listed as “anonymous” on the Superhero Run web site. If you made a contribution to an individual or team fundraiser, they will NOT be told who made this donation. You will receive an e-mail receipt for your tax-deductible donation.

Specifying an individual fundraiser or a fundraising team is optional.


Individual fundraiser


If you specified an individual, that individual's team will receive credit.You only need to select a team here if you did not select an individual but want to support a specific team.

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