Family to Family

Peer support is vital for those going through a difficult personal experience. We offer many opportunities for parents and kids to share support with one another, whether informally at our family social events, more formally at our family support group meetings and one-to-one with ‘Family to Family’ matching. If a parent, patient or sibling seeks to make contact with someone who can relate to some aspect of their experience, we do our best to match them with another person from our extensive database of current and former patient families who has had similar experiences and who would welcome the opportunity to communicate and share with them.

Peer support is a way for people from diverse
backgrounds who share experiences in common to
come together to build relationships in which they
share their strengths and support each other’s healing
and growth. It does not focus on diagnoses or deficits,
but is rooted in compassion for oneself and others.
Through peer support, we can challenge ourselves and
each other to grow beyond our current circumstances
and build the lives we want and deserve. Peer support
promotes healing through taking action and by building
relationships among a community of equals. It is not
about “helping” others in a hierarchical way, but about
learning from one another and building connections.
National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors