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Make a Donation!

We’re so grateful that you want to make a donation to Badger Childhood Cancer Network.  The Badger Childhood Cancer Network is an organization that provides information, emotional support and financial assistance to families of children treated for cancer and blood disorders in south-central Wisconsin.  We’re making it easy to make a donation through JustGiving.  Just click the button below to start your donation.

Why Donate?

YOU can make a difference in the life of a child with cancer or a life-threatening blood disorder!


Gives six months of emergency financial assistance to the family of a child with cancer, providing, for example, a car repair, utility payments, rent or mortgage payments.


Pays for one meeting of our Family Support group, where families play together, share their thoughts and fears with others going through similar experiences, do art projects, have dinner, and maybe relax and smile for a while.


Provides groceries for a family whose child has been in the hospital for several weeks.


Supports the Hero Bead Program for all the kids currently on treatment for two months.


Supplies a family with a “New Diagnosis Bag,” a duffel which includes a gas card, books and informational materials, comfort items, toiletries, toys and games.


Purchases 4 books on childhood cancer or blood disorders that will help explain an illness and its treatment in a way a child or teen can understand.


Buys a cafeteria meal card for the parent of a hospitalized child.


Provides a gas card to a family so they can get their child or teen to the hospital for cancer treatment.

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