Arrows for Cancer Archery Fundraiser

Arrows for Cancer 3-D Archery
Tournament, Oregon Sportsman’s
Club, Oregon, WI

Individuals, clubs, student councils and employee groups have come up with creative fundraisers to support children with cancer and blood disorders through Badger Childhood Cancer Network!
Recent examples include:
  • ‘Arrows for Cancer’ 3-D Archery Tournament, hosted by the Oregon Sportsman’s Club
  • Invitational Bass Tournament on Lake Wisconsin organized by a dedicated group of volunteers and sponsored by Don’s Marine and Skeeter Boats
  • Bracelet making and selling by one of our young survivors to other students
  • A fundraising show and silent auction donated by the members of the band Mighty Shortbus/Wheelhouse and their fans
  • A March 14th “Pi Day” pie making (and mischief-making) fundraiser by employees of Full Compass Systems.
  • Young people have asked others to donate cash, toys, art supplies and more to BCCN to celebrate their birthday or high school graduation

Here are some A-Z ideas* for your company, group or school to raise money to support Badger Childhood Cancer Network.

Use your imagination and have fun!  Take the opportunity to tell the participants about the challenges faced by kids with cancer and blood disorders, and how they can join you to help!


After school or after work party


Bake sale
Battle of the bands – Great fun for everyone.  Sell tickets and snacks and have judges crown a winning band!


Cake Walk
Coin Drive – Use clean milk jugs in each classroom or office and compete to see who can collect the most coins.  We can also supply clear plastic jugs if you prefer.  A Penny Wars competition (where you fill your own jar with pennies and ‘bomb’ other people’s jars with silver coins and dollar bills that are deducted from their total) is a fun way to spur a friendly competition and bring in more donations.
Craft Sale – invite artists and crafters to set up booths and sell their wares in your cafeteria or other meeting space.  Raise funds by charging booth fees to sellers and by selling snacks and drinks to shoppers.


Dance!  Host a DJ dance party and charge an entrance fee.
Disney day – a magical twist to the ordinary ‘dress up’ day. Ask students or employees to pay a set donation to dress up as their favorite Disney character for the day


Easter treats – a specialty bake sale of cookies and cakes, chocolates and other candies and handmade decorations celebrating spring and Easter.


Fashion show – This can be so much fun!  ‘Models’ among your staff, managers, teachers or pupils can show off styles from local retailers and salons, and you can provide treats and drinks.
Fun run – Pick a theme and a fun route! This is a great healthy activity for employees in a workplace wellness program, or for students at school.  Get family members out to run or walk with your group!


Guess the number – this could be anything from buttons in a bottle to pieces of candy in a jar to estimating the weight of a pumpkin or cake.  Offer the item you’re guessing on as a prize, plus give an enticing donated prize.  Charge .50 or $1 per guess depending on the prize
Games day – Let students or co-workers bring in games to play during the lunch hour or on breaks and charge them a small fee.  Also consider hosting a Family Game Night with treats and drinks.


Halloween – host a party or build a haunted house!


Indoor Games – when the winter weather has dragged on a while, people love to have somewhere to play and run indoors.  Use a gym or church hall and host an active game day with dodgeball, Big Wheel Rally, volleyball, Twister and other active sports and games.


Joke Show – Ask each person in your workplace or school to bring in their favorite joke and a $1 donation and hold an assembly dedicated to joke telling!


Kickball Tournament
Karaoke Party


Lunch –  Have a potluck lunch based on a special theme or one particular nationality of foods, get some nice drinks and decadent desserts donated and charge an entry fee.


Magic show – Invite a magician to come or ask budding magicians to get together and hold a magic show


Nothing But Nets – Host a fundraising basketball tournament with teams of friends or colleagues.


Olympics themed fun day – do real sports, or create your own silly ones.  Broomball ice dancing, anyone?


Practice-a-thon – Many young people take music or dance lessons, and this is their chance to show off what they’re working on!  Just find a venue with room to perform, a piano and chairs for the audience! Part talent show and part recital, kids in your school, church, scout troop or club can perform and you can sell tickets to the show.
Pajama day – Everyone pays $1 or $2 and gets to wear their PJs all day!


Quiz Team Competition – Hold a trivia competition with donated prizes.


Raffle – Request prizes from local businesses and individuals and sell tickets
Read-a-thon – A read-a-thon is a sponsored reading event encouraging children to read for pleasure. Kids love to support other children, and can collect pledges per book or chapter read.
Retirement collection – If you’re retiring and feeling generous you could request that a donation be made to BCCN in lieu of that exciting lead glass bowl they’re going to give you.


Sponsored Run-  Participate in a ‘novelty run’ or a timed 5K, 10K, half marathon or full marathon and ask people you know for fundraising pledges to BCCN for your achievement.
Sports day – Host a school or work sports day competition with small entry fees and medals for winners.  The guy in the next cubicle may be a champion shot putter or sack racer!


Treasure hunt – Put together a treasure hunt, split participants into pairs or teams and let the detective work begin! Ask a local business to donate a prize for the winning pair/team, and set a suggested donation amount for entering
Toy Drive – Collect small non-gendered toys, games, coloring and puzzle books, craft kits and art supplies for our New Diagnosis Bags. We need everything from baby toys to Uno cards to iTunes cards and journals for teens.


UnParty – Host an “UnParty” – a last minute, relaxed gathering of neighbors and friends requiring as little planning and preparation as possible and including everyone in the family. Send out email invitations or put notes on doors 3 or 4 days in advance asking everyone to bring a toy or money donation for BCCN and come over to hang out for movie watching, easy snacks and chatting.  No one is allowed to talk about work or put more than 5 minutes of effort into any dish or drink served!


Variety show
Volunteering – we can use your help at our fundraisers, at our events for kids and families and in our office.  It doesn’t involve any money, and it’s priceless!


Watermelon Eating Contest and/or Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest.  Messy summer fun.


X-Factor singing competition


Yoga – get students/members/employees to enroll in a series of gentle yoga classes taught by different volunteer instructors from local studios for a reasonable fee


Zzzzz  – Hold a sponsored sleepover at school or church. To make this event even bigger you could join up with other groups and hold one big sleepover
*Thanks to CLIC Sargent, the UK childhood cancer support organization, for the inspiration and some great ideas!